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for seven generations

High Quality Italian Wines

from 1920

Tradition and innovation

Since 1920, the Monteverdi family has been constantly searching for quality Italian wine, selecting the most prestigious grapes of the Bel Paese and handing down from father to son the legacy of a wine culture that has refined over the decades. During all these years the winery has evolved, modernizing both in equipment and in oenological capacity. Finding the balance between tradition and innovation: this is the constant commitment of the Monteverdi wineries, and at the same time, a guarantee for even the most demanding customers.


Our Story

The history of the Monteverdi family has been linked to the world of wine since 1796 with Angelo Maria Monteverdi who produced the wine to offer to his guests in his tavern. From generation to generation we arrive at 1920 where, with Francesco Monteverdi, the first modern winery was founded which soon became an important reality for all the wines of the Po river valley. But it is with Antonio Monteverdi that, thanks to his foresight, the fame of the family business develops and is consolidated with the production of wines typical of all Italian regions.

Our Cellars

The cellar has a storage capacity of 2 million liters of bulk wine; the wine, stored in tanks, is cold stabilized in the most absolute respect for the quality of the product. Subsequently it is checked in its refinement phase until it is sent to bottling. The bottling line has a production capacity of over 10 million bottles per year


Our Customers

For more than twenty years, Monteverdi Vini has been targeting not only the national market but also the international one. Our products are present in over 40 countries and exports now represent 70% of the company's production. The export, in addition to covering all of Europe, also includes many extra-European areas such as Africa, the Caribbean, South America and Southeast Asia.