The legend

Legend has it that while pursuing the Austrian troops Napoleon stopped for a rest with his soldiers in the Lampugnani's feud, today's Casalpusterlengo. He asked his hosts for good food and good wine. The story tells that the wine was so good to Napoleon that he not only appreciated it and drank a large quantity of it, but also wanted to meet the experienced wine maker who had produced it with such a great care. It was 10th May 1796.

The wine maker was called Angelo Maria Monteverdi. At the time he was only 24 years old and he was only at the beginning of his experience as a wine maker which would later turn into a brilliant and long one.

Ever since time went by but the passion and love of Angelo Maria Monteverdi for good wine have not been eroded. His descendants still guard the same passion and love through the generations.


Monteverdi Vini today

The wine company MONTEVERDI is a family business which has been working since its origins in the selection of the best wines from the Italian territory. After the selection those wines are refined and bottled in the bottling cellar in Borgo San Giovanni next to Lodi and to the DOC region of Oltrepo Pavese, which has traditionally devoted itself to the production of wine.

Throughout the years traditional working and bottling methods have been improved thanks to the most advanced innovations of oenological technology. All this takes place in full observance of the wine-making tradition in order to keep unaltered the characteristic and the nature of each wine.
The constant aim of MONTEVERDI lies in finding the balance between innovation and tradition, which is, as the same time, a guarantee for even the most demanding customer.

We are conscious that it is only by working with the same passion of our founders that we can reach new and ambitious goals. Time has made and still makes this consciousness and our determination stronger.

Our cellar

The cellar can store up to 2 million litres of unbottled wine in towers. With great attention and respect for the quality of the product the stored wine undergoes cold stabilizing. After that the wine is refined whit great care and prepared for the bottling phase. The line we set out has an effective production of 10 million bottles per year.

In recent years, the wine portfolio expanded considerably and today it includes quality products from the best Italian regions: Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto, the Abruzzi, Apulia and Sicily.